The Roraima Massive, with a height of about 2810 meters, is also called the fertile mother of the streams. At the same time, it is the highest tabletop mountain of Venezuela.  In this rocky terrain, originate water streams, which later join rivers such as the Rio Orinoco (Venezuela), Amazonas (Brazil) and Esequibo (Guyana). The colorful massive was built during the past million years through erosion. With a little fitness and endurance, you should have no problem, to experience and enjoy the beautiful countryside, which you are going to see during this tour.

Roraima (6 Days / 5 Nights)

Tour Start: Santa Elena

Tour Overview:

1st Day:
You are leaving Santa Elena by Jeep in the morning. During the drive you will pass through the indigenous village of “Francisco de Yurunai” and will drive further to the village “Perei-Tepuy”, another small village of the natives living in the Gran Sabana. Now you are going to hike for about four to five hours through the Gran Sabana, to reach the camp “Rio-Tek”. During the hike you will pass through several streams. The first night you will stay in the wild nature, sleeping in a hammock. (B/L/D)

2nd Day:
The day begins with a nice breakfast, followed by a trekking tour of approximately five hours to Roraima, to our base camp, located in the lower plateaus of the tabletop mountains. By the way: this tabletop mountain is made out of pressed sandstone. Once you made it to the camp, you will be rewarded with an excellent dinner, after which you will have some time, to enjoy the evening with the other travellers, exchange opinions and relax. This too is a great opportunity, to talk to our multilingual guides and ask them about their culture and way of life. Don’t worry; they will happily answer your questions! (B/L/D)

3rd Day:     
After breakfast you are heading out, to climb on the plateau of the tabletop mountain. To get there, you will climb over a ramp in a hike of about 3.5 hours. During the climb, you will get to see unique and exotic flowers and stone, that call this region there home. Lastly you will get a chance to observe some geologically very unusual stone formations, before you are preparing your sleeping place for the night. Once again you will sleep in the free nature in a hammock. (B/L/D)

4th Day:     
After a tasty breakfast you will be hiking over the highplateau to the „Punto Triple“, the famous strip of land, between the countries of Brazil, Venezuela and Guyana. In addition you will pass by various excellent observation places, such as the “Mirador”, a great observation spot, with an amazing view on the endless frontiers of the Great Savannah (Gran Sabana). Also an interesting experience is “Las Piscinas”. These so called swimming pools are natural water ponds in the plateau. Do you have what it takes, to jump into freezing cold water? If so, this is a good opportunity to cool yourself down a little from the heat.  After enjoying the nature and maybe having a swim, you will return to the camp at the stone formation, where you will spend the night – like the day before - in a hammock.  (B/L/D)

5th Day:     
After a strong and tasty breakfast, you begin descending the massive, followed by a hike back to the camp “Rio-Tek”, where you will cross the Savannah and the jungle one more time. The night you will stay in a tent in the nature, close to the river Rio Tek. This will also be an excellent opportunity, to enjoy and experience the wild nature of this area. (B/L/D)

6th Day:     
Today will be your last day of the tour. After enjoying breakfast in the nature, you are heading back to the village “Perei-Tepuy”. There you will have a quick snack, before continuing by Jeep to San Francisco de Yuruani, from where you will be transferred back to the tour end in Santa Elena. (B/L/-)

Price: on request (min. 2 Persons)
Price: on request (3 Persons)
Price: on request (4 Persons or more)

If you are travelling solo, please contact us for more information and a personalized offer.
We will happily assist you in organizing your bus transfer to Boa Vista, Puerto Ordaz or Ciudad Bolívar.

In the Price Included:
All Transfers, Overnight Stays, Multilingual Tour Guides, Provisions, Non-Alcoholic Beverages

What you should bring:

IMPORTANT: All Travelers MUST bring their ORIGINAL PASSPORT in order to take the tour!!

Trekking / Sports Shoes, Sandals, Pullover, Long Pants, Two Shorts, Three T-Shirts or Shirts, Two pair of socks, Hat, Raincoat, Bath / Swimming Clothes, Towel, Thermal Mat and Sleeping Bag (Can be rented from us for an additional fee), Sun- and Mosquito Protector (Creams Only. No Sprays!), Flashlight, Pocketknife