Booking, Payment and Cancellation Conditions

Booking Conditions
When booking online, you are about to enter a travel contract. The travel contract becomes valid with Gekko Tours accepting it at which point it becomes binding. We inform you about the acceptance of the travel contract, by sending you a travel confirmation / invoice via email. Please note that all travel agencies are only acting as mediators. Online booking is only possible up to eight days before the planned trip.  Does the travel confirmation does specifically include a minimum number of tour participants and that amount is not reached, Gekko Tours is authorized to cancel the trip up to 21 days in advance.

All bookings for hotels, flights and other services have been done in written form (by email) to Gekko Tours. They too will become binding upon their acceptance and confirmation by Gekko Tours.

Payment Conditions
Immediately upon receiving the booking confirmation / invoice, the deposit, which has been agreed upon and which is noted on the booking confirmation / invoice as well, has to be paid. The deposit is 30% of the full price (rounded up to full EUR / USD), if no different amount has been agreed upon beforehand. The remaining amount has to be paid in full and without further notice 21 days prior to the planned trip.

For bookings that are being made less than 21 days in advance, the complete amount, as noted on the invoice must be paid immediately upon receiving the booking confirmation / invoice.  The same counts for all national and international airline tickets.
Pay conditions for our packages are based upon the above mentioned single services.
All payments must to be made in favor of one of our bank accounts

Cancellation Conditions
A tour can be cancelled at any time BEFORE the beginning of a tour. If you wish to cancel your trip, you have to send your notice of cancellation to Gekko Tours by email, including your name and your case number.
If a traveller wishes to cancel their tour or if participating in the tour booked is not possible for reasons that are lying within the responsibility of the traveller, Gekko Tours is authorized to a reimbursement, for the work and tour preparation and planning, that has already been done. The cancellation fee percentage of the trip costs, that Gekko Tours charges for reimbursement is as following:

  • 30%    of the full cost  - Up to 21 days before the start of the trip
  • 50%    of the full cost  - 20 to 8 days before the start of the trip
  • 70%    of the full cost  - 7 to 2 days before the start of the trip
  • 100%  of the full cost  - 2 days before tour start or less

If a scheduled trip cannot take place because of a fault or error on the side of Gekko Tours, we will refund all payments that have been already made immediately. In addition Gekko Tours does immediately refund the amount exceeding the cancellation fee, as stated above.
Please be aware that we are unable to cancel or refund any booked national airline tickets. However, keep in mind, that all national airline tickets are valid for a full year, with the day of their purchase, if the departure times printed on the ticket are canceled within due time.

For cancellations of international flight tickets, cancellation and refund conditions of the respective airlines apply. Please contact the airline you have booked with, for information regarding their cancellation conditions, process, etc.
We urge all our customers, to obtain travel insurance whenever they are going to book a trip. The insurance fees are considerably low, especially taken into account, that if something is going to happen on your trip or beforehand, the costs are much higher. DO NOT SAVE MONEY ON THE WRONG END!

If really something happens to you and you are unable to participate in your booked trip for whatever reason, we will offer you a discount of the amount of the cancellation fee, if you are booking again within twelve months. That’s what we consider fair.

Print the booking, payment and cancelation conditions here