Safety is a relative word. Full safety can be found nowhere in the world. If visitors do follow some general security advice, it even in Venezuela is possible to have nice and safe holidays. In the smaller cities as well as in the urban areas travelling is generally not dangerous. Bigger cities are more dangerous, however mostly for Venezuelan. However, we recommend that in bigger cities tourists are accompanied by either an experienced guide or native people, when going on the streets. This does minimize possible security risks a lot.
To ensure that you will have an enjoyable stay and to minimize the risk of robbery or other harm and inconveniences, we recommend the following:

  • Do not carry cameras, laptops or other valuables openly.
  • If your hotel room has a safe, we recommend using it to store your valuables whenever you are leaving the room.  
  • Avoid dark or empty roads – especially at night or early morning.
  • Whenever possible, don’t go out on your own but with another person – we recommend a Venezuelan or an experienced guide.
  • Store money and valuables, such as passports or credit cards in different locations. We recommend storing them in belt or wrist backs, covered by clothes and difficult to access.
  • Make a copy of your passport and keep it separate from the original.
  • Only take taxis that use proper identification. If you are unsure, ask your hotel or at the airport for a licensed taxi. Make sure the taxi is equipped with a radio and in frequent contact with its dispatch.