Kombitour - Kavac / Canaima

Combined Tour - Kavak / Canaima
This tour is offering you the unique chance to see both, Canaima and the Kavak village with all its amazing locations for sightseeing.
Kavak / Canaima Combination (4 Days / 3 Nights)

Tour Overview:

1st Day:
In the morning you are boarding one of our own aircraft on your flight to Kavak, a small indigenous village (Penmon Indiana), which is located right inside of the Savannah, on the food of the tabletop mountain Auyantepuí. Hiking, you are moving to the Canyon of Kavak, which is famous for its mysterious and bizarre stone formations that have been built through erosion during the past millions of years. To get to the Tebanarempa waterfalls (Toma and La Piedra) in the Canyon, you are going to swim through a river. Once there, you get some time to enjoy the beauty of the nature out here, before you are returning to the camp for dinner. The night you will sleep in typical indio huts, with bathroom.  (-/L/D)

2nd Day:
After a delicious breakfast in the morning, you are flying for about 45 minutes from Kavak to Canaima. Once there, you are boarding a boat and maneuver through the laguna of Canaima, where you will visit the waterfalls of Ucaima, Golondrina and Hacha. On the island of Anatoly, you are going on a hike to see the waterfalls of Sapo and Sapito, which can also be entered from their backend.  Afterwards you are returning to the indian camp, where lunch is already waiting for you. After lunch, there is time to spend the rest of the day swimming in the laguna or to relax in the village, asking questions or talking with other tourists.  The day ends with a great dinner. (B/L/D)

3rd Day:
After a nice breakfast, you are boarding a classic truck, for the transfer to the habor of Ucaima. Once there, you are boarding a boat and heading up the colorful river Rio Carrao to the pier of Mayupa. From there, you are going on an approximately 30 minute hike around the rapids. Back on the boat, the trip continues on the river Churun to the Isla de Ratón (Island of the Mouse). On the way there, you are going to pass the impressive stonewalls of the giant tabletop mountain Auantepuí.
Next is an approximately 90 minute hike to the „El Mirador“. From here you are enjoying a fantastic panorama view on the Angel Falls, the highest waterfalls on earth. If the weather is nice, you can spend some time swimming in one of the natural water ponds of the Salto Angel. Back in the camp, there will be a barbecue for dinner, around a camp fire, in pure rainforest atmosphere. The night you will stay in hammocks. (B/L/D)

4th Day:
After breakfast, you are going to visit the laguna of Canaima. Before returning back to Ciudad Bolívar, you have the opportunity to go swimming, relax in the village or to buy some handmade souvenirs from the indios.  Tour end and the flight back to Ciudad Bolívar at about 2:00PM. (B/L/-)
Price: on request (from 2 Persons)
Price: on request (from 3 Persons or more)

For an additional fee of 50 Euro, you can also book a sightseeing flight over the Angel Falls (min. 3 Persons.)

In the Price Included:
All Flights and Transfers, Overnight Stays, Multilingual Tour Guides, Provisions, Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Not included in the Price:
Admittance Fee to the National Parks:
Kavak:    approx. 6.00 EUR per Person
Canaima: approx. 6.00 EUR per Person
Airport Tax in Ciudad Bolivar: approx. 3.00 EUR per Person

What you should bring:

IMPORTANT: All Travelers MUST bring their ORIGINAL PASSPORT in order to take the tour!

Trekking / Sports Shoes, Sandals, Long Pants, Two Shorts, Three T-Shirts or Shirts, A pair of Socks, Pullover, Cap, Raincoat, Bathing / Swimming Clothes, Towel, Mosquite and Sun Protector (Only in the form of cream! No Sprays!!!), Flashlight, Sufficient Batteries and Memory Cards for your Camera