Rio Caura

The tour objective of this trip is to discover the untouched nature. The river Rio Caura is passing across a 30.000sqm big area of the jungle, until it finally ends into the Orinoco River. It is especially interesting because it is one of the few untouched areas of nature in Venezuela. You will find a spot of land here, where our modern civilization did not leave its marks and impressions. It contains a very intact and fascinating plant- and animal world and also houses several indigenous tribes.

Rio Caura Tour   (5 Days / 4 Nights)

Tour Overview:

1st Day:      
The tour starts with the transfer, at about 8:00AM from Ciudad Bolívar to "Las Trincheras", a small fishing village on the Caura River. Continue upriver in dugout (Curiara) with a visit to the Indian settlements "La Poncha" and "Boca de Nichare". Here you get the first impressions as these people (Yekawanas Indians) live in harmony with nature. Then we go by boat to our jungle camp. The night you will stay in a hammock. (B/L/D)

2nd Day:     
After breakfast you are heading out for a hiking tour through the jungle, before you get to „El Playon“, which is located up the river and the heart of our tour. While heading to the village, you are going to pass the Cangrejo Montans. Once at “El Playon” you get to enjoy a small beach paradise, right in the middle of the rainforest. It is up to you, if you go swimming, fishing or just relax, enjoying the untouched nature. The night you will once again sleep in a hammock. (B/L/D)

3rd Day:     
In the morning you will get a delicious breakfast to gather some strength, before heading out. The first event today is an exciting hike through the jungle, with the opportunity to observe and photograph the exotic and unique flora and fauna, which calls this region its home. You will get to see howler- and capuchin monkey, tucans, and parrators, as well as a wide variety of plants of the rainforest. After this exciting hike, you will finally reach the Para Waterfalls of the Caura River, which will stun you with their look. Spend some time to take photos these impressive falls, before it is time to head back to the base camp in the village of Playon. Once at the camp a delicious dinner is waiting, after which you will head out for a walk through the night, to see some of the unique night active species that lives here, such as tarantulas, snakes and possibly caymans.  After an eventful day, you are going to get some sleep in a hammock with mosquito net. (B/L/D)

4th Day:
The days starts with a tasty breakfast. Full of energy, you will then go by boat on the Rio Caura with a Stop in a small village of the Yekawanas Indians. Here you have some time to talk to the indigenous people and ask some questions, before you continue your trip, heading back to Trinchera. This tribe is living from small Maniok and Banana plantations (women work) and from fishing and hunting (men work). During the whole trip it may occur that you are going to see a sweet-water dolphin, the so called Torninas, so keep your camera handy at all times, for a quick shot. Surely you will watch these photos on the couch at home after your return. (B/L/D)

5th Day:
In the morning you get to enjoy a strong and healthy breakfast, before you are heading out to see a small laguna close to Trincheras. So pack your swimming clothes, board the boat and get underway. The laguna is a small bird paradise, giving you the opportunity to bath and see loads of birds, as well as – with a little luck – some Torninas. After some time here at the laguna, you are boarding your boat, heading back to Trincheras, where lunch is already waiting. After lunch, you get your backs packed, returning to Ciudad Bolívar by car, where the tour ends (B/L/-)

Price: on request (min. 2 Persons)
Price: on request (min. 3 Persons)
If you are travelling solo and are interested in booking this tour, please contact us for more information and a personalized offer.

In the price included:
All Transfers, Overnight Stays, Multilingual Guides, Provisions, Nonalcoholic beverages

What you should bring:

IMPORTANT: All Travellers MUST bring their ORIGINAL passport in order to participate in the tour!

Solid Shoes, Sandals, Long Pants, Shorts, Two T-Shirts or Shirts, Pullover, A pair of Socks, Cap, Rain Coat, Swimming / Bathing Clothes, Towel, Sun and Mosquito Protector (Only in the form of crea. Sprays are NOT allowed!), Also remember to bring sufficient memory cards and batteries for your camera.